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Bryson Ranch is home of 3C Joppa Cattle Company, LLC., and operates on Northwestern sections of the Bryson Ranch in Burnet, County, Texas.  Many members of the Bryson ranch family have been farming and ranching for over 100 years. There are currently three family members that still run cattle on various portions of the ranch. Seth Shepperd Bryson Sr., began ranching and farming around 1910, and there has been some type of family ranching operation in existence since then.  

During the early 1920s and ’30s, cotton was King and most of the land on the ranch was used to grow that white gold. The ranch expanded during the ’40s and ’50s and began to include sheep, and wool sales, in addition to the cotton. That business was profitable for many years until the coyotes became so numerous that they effectively wiped out open range sheep ranching in Central Texas, with the nightly losses of slaughtered lambs and ewes. 

The 60’s and 70’s brought cattle to the forefront, as the coyotes could not prevail against a larger animal. Beginning with Herefords in the 1970s the cattle business began to grow and become a profitable business model. During the early 2000s, the ranch moved to the production of Brangus cattle, and then to exclusively producing DIRECT TO CONSUMER American Wagyu beef. 

In keeping with the changing times, the production of Registered Angus Bulls has also been added to our operations. In the last five years, 3C Joppa Cattle Company, LLC has streamlined its family operation to include; state-of-the-art technology, data management, rotational feeding, and top-notch genetics. 3C Joppa Cattle Company, LLC produces high-quality Angus & American Wagyu beef that we ship directly to your doorstep.

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Commitment to Quality with our Mission to constantly strive to make the direct to consumer beef buying and tasting experience better, easier, more nutritional and readily available

We are fifth-generation Texas ranchers. For more than a century, our family has had a passion for producing top-quality American Wagyu beef.

“Quality is what drives us. We promise to always deliver direct from our pasture to your platter, the very best beef products possible. That’s our commitment to our customers, our partners, and the 3C Joppa Cattle Company legacy.” 

- Jeff Charlton | Chief Beef Slinger

Why buy bulk beef from 3C Joppa Cattle Company?

Answer:  1) Quality 2) Nutrition 3) Convenience 4) Piece of Mind

If you love high-quality ALL NATURAL grass-fed / grain-finished American Wagyu beef that you know exactly where it came, then our whole, half, quarter and eighth beef share options could be for you.  

A whole beef share purchase can save upwards of $1,000 of cost of purchasing the same weight of beef in individual cuts over time.  Also, a walk to the freezer is much quicker than a trip to the grocery store.

Where will my beef come from?

3C Joppa Cattle Company’s American Wagyu beef is sold as whole, half, quarter and eighth beef shares.  All animals come from native Texas grass-fed cattle born and home raised on Bryson Ranch in Burnet, County, Texas.  In the final 120 days, before slaughter, our cattle are finished with a locally sourced, all natural, non-GMO rolled barley and cracked corn blend for fuller flavor & marbling before being expertly dry-aged for 21-28 days. 


Our pricing is based on the carcass hanging weight of each animal the day it goes in for processing. For our cattle, hanging weight averages between 500 & 800 pounds, but varies by an individual animal . We charge $6.00 to $9.00 on average per pound of hanging weight.  You choose your cuts, (cutting instructions here) includes cutting, wrapping and shipping.

You pay your deposit and then you will receive order update emails and hanging weights etc and then the final email is your shipping delivery notification.
What’s included?

We offer whole, half,  quarter and eighth beef share purchase options.  Our prices include all animal, feed, processing and shipping.  3C Joppa Cattle Company transitions ownership of animals at processing time. We put each 3C Joppa Cattle Company customer directly in touch with our processor, so you can have it processed your way.
Please be aware of the following:

  • There are several premium cuts of beef that come from the same parts of a cow. Depending on what cuts you are looking for, you may be faced with an either/or decision. Our processor will help you understand the options.
  • The processor has limited flexibility to include specific custom cuts for quarter & eighth beef share orders.  We must process fractional beef shares in a way that serves customers equally.
  • Availability of specific individual cuts will vary from year to year. Put your order in early to ensure you get exactly what you want.