Family-Owned Cattle Ranch in Joppa, Texas

Over 100 Years of Excellence on Bryson Ranch

3C Joppa Cattle Company is a fifth-generation family ranch where we bred, raise and sell the highest quality American Wagyu Beef,  in whole, half, quarter, and eighth beef shares and ship DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOORSTEP. 

We promote outstanding herd genetics and disposition, ensuring that each animal receives low-stress handling during its time on the open Bryson Ranch range: providing our cattle the care and quality of life that gives our customers the most delicious, nutritious beef possible.  Proud to preserve our family and region’s agricultural legacy, we strive to advance our commitment to land sustainability by implementing modern rangeland management like no till drill use and rotational grazing practices


A Humane Environment

As vastly experienced cattle ranchers, we understand that the handling and raising of cattle have a direct impact on beef quality. Therefore, all our calves areraised in a healthy and humane environment. We give them the freedom toroam in their pasturesrather than confining them to a small pen.  We continuously improve our ranch infrastructure and use rotational grazing practices to ensure fresh pastures and optimum nutrition for our cattle.

What Sets Us Apart

We raise and sell DIRECT TO CONSUMER ALL NATURAL pasture-fed, superior quality American  Wagyu beef cattle right here on Bryson Ranch in Joppa, Texas.  Our fodder consists of grass and hay, eliminating the harmful side effects of antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals frequently used in commercial-grade beef.  In the final 120 days, our cattle are finished with a locally sourced, non-GMO rolled barley and cracked corn blend for fuller flavor & marbling before being expertly dry-aged for 21-28 days.